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Your business is only as good as your operations. What are your Key Performance Indicators? Have you established Standard Operating Procedures at your shop? Colortone has a full range of consulting services to help in the day to day operations of your shop.

Key Performance Indicators
Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) are a financial analysis of the "24" key numbers that measure the health and wealth of your business. Every month Colortone will contact your shop to obtain these key numbers. After performing the calculations we let you know how you are doing relative to critical benchmarks that may affect your profitability. As always if there are any areas of concerns Colortone will make the necessary recommendations.

Materials Usage Analysis
Material Usage is a comprehensive analysis of a shops paint and material purchases that include critical benchmarks. Colortone provides every participating customer a monthly report representing both dollar and percentage numbers which are based on paint and associated product usage. By developing such a report we can identify any negative trends that can be marked as areas of improvement. If any categories in the usage report show a concern you can feel confident the Colortone team will investigate and present their recommendations to the manager and/or collision center owner.

Standard Operating Procedures
Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) defines the standards by which all employees of a particular collision shop must abide by to assure quality and productivity.   SOP's provide assistance to any shop with the aim of increasing productivity and efficiency. After meticulously performing an evaluation of your shop, Colortone will develop an SOP that will help streamline your workflow and make your shop more productive.

Facility Evaluations
Facility Evaluations are an evaluation of how the daily operations of any shop may or may not cause bottlenecks in production flow. These evaluations cover everything from personnel, work area, and productivity. By performing a comprehensive analysis of your shop Colortone will make certain recommendations that we feel will help you be more productive. These recommendations are presented thoroughly and appropriately to the collision center owner and/or manager.

Inventory Management
Inventory Management is a program that Colortone and your shop develop together that helps assist in the total amount of product your shop should have on hand. By developing min/max levels for every stocking item in your facility the total dollar amount will remain relative to your total workload and sales. Colortone provides you with a template to calculate your inventory at the end of each month.


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