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About Us
About Us

Colortone Automotive Paints
Paints, Materials & Supplies
2420 Ripple Street
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 661-1103
(323) 660-1823 fax

Colortone Automotive Paint was established as Colortone Lacquer Company in 1933. Stan Reshes became only the 3 rd owner of Colortone when he purchased the Company in 1979, and over time has brought his three sons into the business.

Recognizing the benefits offered by BASF in becoming a single line jobber, Colortone in 1995 went from a multi-line jobber and joined the elite BASF ColorSource Jobber Network. This program affords all our employees the opportunity for extensive training on the BASF product lines (Glasurit, R-M Diamont, and Limco) which in turn we are able to provide to our client shop’s employees. In addition, we provide, through BASF’s innovative Vision Plus seminars, essential value-added tools for Owners and Managers.

Some of the services we offer include:

Technical Support Colortone employs two (2) full time Technical Service Specialists who are experienced painters trained by BASF in Glasurit and Diamont paint systems, and whose primary function is trouble-shooting and assisting our customer employees with any paint problems. Demonstrating the latest products is also an essential part of their duties 

Increased production, efficiency, and profitability. Our goals and focus are to increase our customers’ profitability by increasing production and eliminating waste. We believe the first order of business is to “Get the car out of the booth and deliver to the customer!” Increased production means increased profits. A major component of this is to eliminate re-dos.

Additional Benefits for Colortone customers include :
Rebate of 50% cost for attendance at the BASF Training Center for classes in color matching, problem solving, and certification (essential to insurance companies for DRP participation).

Assistance with reporting requirements to local and state agencies and preparations of VOC usage reports.

Safety sessions conducted at no cost by our personnel in customer shop to meet Cal-Osha requirements, if desired.

Most spray gun and power tool repairs done in-house, at considerably less cost than outside services.

We will be interfacing with insurance companies to communicate the challenges to the body & paint shops and the constantly evolving changes in the automobile repair industry.

As part of the ColorSource program, Colortone enjoys priority benefits and support from BASF, and this is passed on to our customers.

Our Mission

To create and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers by providing value through the distribution of top quality products, backed by unparalleled customer support and unmatched integrity in all we do.