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About Us
Colortone Advantages

Colortone Automotive Paints, Inc. is family owned and operated. By design, we are different. We evaluated every element of the paint jobber – body shop relationship and implemented a business – vendor partnership concept that has proven successful throughout other segments of the automotive industry.

The business owner is our customer. Period! The “good old boy network” concept is a costly relic and smart shop owners are re-evaluating the jobber/shop relationship. They are discovering their interests are best served by partnering with an ethical jobber who offers more than selling and delivering a product.

• A BASF Color Source™ Jobber
Colortone is a valued BASF ColorSource™ Jobber and has participated on the BASF National ColorSource™ Distributor Council. We enjoy a unique manufacturer – distributor partnership with BASF and our relationships reach the highest levels at BASF Corp. As a BASF single-line jobber, BASF supports Colortone’s ability to deliver high levels of technical training and business management workshops, providing our customers with the most comprehensive training programs available in California.
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• Marketing Assistance
Our professional marketing specialists are dedicated to assisting our customers in developing and creating individualized marketing strategies for their businesses. We work with our partners to design, build, maintain and host websites as well as provide e-mail for our customers. From customized marketing brochures to TV quality videos, our professional staff is qualified and ready to assist our customers in marketing their businesses.
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• Industry Involvement
Colortone’s national and local relationships and industry involvement is unparalleled and enables us time to prepare our customers for changing industry trends. We invest a great deal of time analyzing the industry and predicting what the future holds two or three years in the future. Our knowledge of local market conditions, trends and our willingness to creatively assist our shop owners in a variety of ways distinguishes our company from other jobbers.

• Shop Benchmarking
Anyone who believes “paint is paint” hasn’t done their homework. Colortone customers enjoy paint costs that are 15% to 25% lower than non-BASF shops. Most jobbers do everything possible to increase sales to the collision shop; at Colortone we do just the opposite.

• Collision Shop Inventory Management
Colortone is willing to assume responsibility over the paint department’s inventory. Our field professionals maintain our customer’s inventory and coordinates with the painter and body men to ensure a balanced inventory to keep up with the paint and body production schedules. Because Colortone is focused on improving productivity, our delivery drivers, not the painters, re-stock the paint department inventory. Our product delivery system is computerized and our products are delivered promptly with a 99% fill rate.

• New Employee Assistance
Employee relocation is a fact of life in the collision industry. Ongoing relationships with painters, body technicians, estimators and shops managers keep us in the loop as employees relocate. Our customers and those seeking employment rely on Colortone’s access to a pool of qualified individuals searching for the right job and environment. Our shop owners have an advantage in hiring the best-qualified employees because their shops are recognized as successful.

• Colortone Inventory
Our BASF and associated products inventory is the secret to our order fill rate of 99%; guaranteeing the right products are in sufficient supply to keep pace with our customers’ shop production.


Our Mission

To create and maintain mutually beneficial, long-term relationships with our customers by providing value through the distribution of top quality products, backed by unparalleled customer support and unmatched integrity in all we do.